The Wellington Hotel & Spa Madrid has developed a Contingency Plan applicable to our guests and facilities of the Hotel based on the recommendations and guidelines given by the Ministry of Health to minimize COVID-19 exposure and infections.

These measures are aimed to guarantee the health of both guests and employees. The entire staff of the Wellington Hotel & Spa Madrid has received specific and detailed training on the guidelines for action and mandatory standards that should be implemented whenever deemed necessary and in the development of daily activity.

Said standards or guidelines can be collected in the following points:

  • During any and all activities the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5m. should always be respected. Mandatory use of a mask.
  • A predefined itinerary is suggested in order to avoid agglomerations in areas.
  • Respect the maximum capacity of the different rooms and lounges of the Hotel.
  • An attempt is made to reduce manipulation and guest intervention in order to prevent the risk of contagion.
  • Increase ventilation rates in workplaces, trying to increase humidity and temperature parameters as much as possible.
  • Increase cleaning and disinfection tasks, performing them several times each working day: floors, keyboards, control desks, tables, switches, handles, taps, handrails, railings, etc.
  • Make sure employees and guests have easy access to soap and water. Where this is not possible, distribute hydroalcoholic gels for hand hygiene in the workplace.
  • All disinfectant products will be certified by the supplier against COVID 19 and included in the list of viricides published by the Health Authorities.
  • Correctly maintain, store, use and dispose of PPE.
  • The Housekeeping and Technical Service staff will enter the room when the guest is not there, except for just cause.
  • In the exceptional case of having to make a repair or clean the room while the guest is inside, it is necessary to urge the guest to wear a mask.
  • Train employees on the use of PPE, especially in its donning and doffing.
  • Train and inform staff about specific prevention measures related to Covid19.